Wichita Adventist Christian Academy
Can Collection

The can collection begins by stapling a note onto sacks explaining the can collection to the house receiving the sack.
Students take the specially marked sacks to homes in the community in the area of the school. 


The process of delivering sacks to the front doors of homes in the community takes about three hours.

On the next day, students return to the areas where they handed out the sacks and pick up the food the generous home owners set out for them.



The students, Pathfinders, and community services all worked together to make 35 boxes to the distributed to families identified by the Big Brother and Big Sister organization in Wichita.

A big thank you to all our neighbors who donated the food, students, and many helpers who cordinated this project. 

Sacks are then returned to school where they are unloaded into the fellowship hall to be sorted.

After the food is sorted, it is stored until November.  Then the Pathfinders and community services divide it into food baskets (boxes) to be distributed during the holidays. 

Some of the boxes are for large families and others are for smaller families.